The Life Erotic - Undercover

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Lilu – Undercover – Train Gorgeous Lilu stars in this sizzling-hot installment of director Sandra Shine’s explicit Undercover series. We catch up with Sandra as she takes a train from Budapest into the countryside to meet Lilu who has already confessed to enjoying “a little naughty time” whenever she can. Lilu – a stunning, petite brunette from Russia – meets Sandra at her local station. Dressed in pale pink and white, she is sweet, but not innocent – she explains that she travels a lot by rail and finds waiting around for trains very boring. However, she has come up with a horny way to while away the time, and she wants Sandra to film her. She is due to catch a train today and, with 20 minutes to wait, asks Sandra to follow her as she ducks into a small waiting room. Lilu is excited – her white lace panties are down around her thighs within seconds, and she stands in the doorway, visible to passing trains as she begins to masturbate. Sandra films her, zooming in on her shaved pussy as her fingertips – nails painted candy-pink – ream her slit. As Lilu lifts up her dress to flaunt her perfect breasts, a train passes by and she covers herself, but she soon resumes her self-pleasure while Sandra captures pin-sharp footage of her pert tits and beautiful ass. The duo are interrupted again by the arrival of another traveller, and decide to find a more private spot. As they walk, they chat about a train passenger who spotted Lilu in the act. After a few false starts, they sneak around the back of the station, and Lilu leans against the wall as she continues to masturbate. Then – as more people turn up at the station – Sandra suggests moving to some benches on the platform. Again they chat, this time about Lilu’s taste for exhibitionism – a surprisingly recent discovery. In their most daring scene yet, they sit on the platform, just feet away from another member of the public, and Lilu quietly slips her fingers in her panties and snaps a few crotch-shots with her phone. The guy walks away as a train arrives, and now she has the freedom to pull her panty-crotch sideways and tease her slit, dipping her fingers into her pussy as she films again with her phone and Sandra captures every moment. Lilu’s folds are juice-slick and engorged, and she gasps and moans as she probes herself deep and finally cums. She tells Sandra it felt “amazing” and Sandra says Lilu is the “craziest girl” she knows, due to her willingness to pleasure herself in such a public place. The two say goodbye, Lilu walks back up the platform to catch her train, and the picture fades… Pornstars: Lilu
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Models: Sandra
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